A fantastic early English violin bow made in London by William Tubbs, father of James Tubbs of W. E. Hill & Sons fame. 


Bows made by William Tubbs are very rare and we think their craftsmanship is far finer and more consistent than that of his son James. 


William worked for the Dodd family and helped develop the model of the English bow from designs pioneered by John and Edward Dodd which were similar to the early bows being produced by the Tourte family at the same period, into what we now know as the modern bow.  


This bow sits right in the middle of those early bow designs and the modern taller, straighter headed bows seen almost exclusively after the 1850s in France and England.  It's a rare design not previously known to us, however when we acquired this bow we came across a cello bow made in exactly the same manner, previously thought to be by the Dodd family and branded as such, we now know the bow was made by William Tubbs for the Dodd family. 


However this bow is branded W. Tubbs and is in fantastic condition.  It's a very fine bow made from very strong, dense pernambuco and draws a rich finely balanced tone.


The weight 60 grams. 

William Tubbs, circa 1840

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