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Expertise, Valuations and Insurance 

While set up and sound of an instrument is important, so too is the condition, provenance and authenticity, all of which greatly contribute to an instruments value and therefore investment potential. 


At UK Violins we have amassed a large wealth of expertise and knowledge in the field of instrument authenticity and valuation. 


We contribute to an ever expanding research library with detailed reference photographs and auction records stretching back over 100 years.  We attend almost every major auction viewing both in the UK and abroad and utilise the latest scientific and analytical tools when examining instruments for authenticity. 

This allows us to provide reliable, honest expertise when assessing an instrument for valuation and authenticity for purposes such as insurance, sale, probate, legal reasons or just simply curiosity.

We charge a modest fee for our written valuation services, however we can conduct complimentary verbal appraisals free of charge by appointment.

Usually it is best to email us some photographs of your instrument before scheduling an appointment. 

We recommend taking photos of the front, the back and the side of the scroll as square on and as flat as possible, in as similar a way and style to the photos used on our website. Please also include a photo of the label, if possible, and a close up of the f holes along with any information you may have about the instrument. 

For bows, please include a close up of the side of the head and the frog, again square on. 

Photos can be sent to our email or via WhatsApp at +447947492014. 


Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information. 

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